Thursday, August 06, 2009

Ye northern neighbors beware!

I do realize that this post and a few to follow will be bewildering to those of you still enjoying mild temperatures this time of year.

Here in the deep south of the good old U.S. of A., we are melting.

In August, there is no such thing as "glistening".

We sweat.

Like pigs.

It is impossible to walk from a parked car to a building containing air conditioning, no matter how close the distance, without breaking a sweat.

It is actually quite disgusting.

The heat tends to drive some people mad, while others will seek refuge in any body of water to be found - whether deemed hygienic or not.

Imagine my interest when I was told that there was a water park a couple of hours away that appeared to provide temporary relief from the scorching heat.

Imagine how my interest peaked even more when I was told that this water park was built.... hold on tight here folks...

in the middle of a cow pasture.

I know, I know...gasping, holding of the chest, wiping of the brow.
Trust me, I know.

BUT, it's August and those of us in the Heart of Dixie have been driven to take whatever extreme measures are necessary for relief from the heat!

Me and my little germ infestation phobia decided we were taking a day trip to check this place out...

and you know what?

Aside from the three used band-aids that I tiptoed over, it wasn't all...

In fact, the kids had a really, really good time.
The cows were friendly,
so were the other guests
I didn't hear not one single banjo playing the entire time we were there!

Pictures to follow of our day at Spring Valley Beach!


Nicole said...

Well, it looks like you found your way there and I'll take this post as proof that you made it out of the hills safely! Can't wait to see the pics!