Thursday, September 03, 2009

A friend told a friend who told me that she saw...

the most beautiful sight today!
A friend, co-worker and Mother of one of Addie's classmates reported some very good news!
When she was dropping her son off at daycare this a.m., she witnessed Addie standing fourth (not last!) in line to go outside.
Addie was standing and waiting her turn, having to hold the child in front of her only once to steady herself before they walked in line outside to play.
We have a new trick to help Addie with her balance and so far, it is working perfectly!
Addie has a little book that she carries with her. If the book is in her hand, she keeps her balance so much better than if she walks with a baby under her arm or completely alone AND she points and tells anybody who will listen that those feathered little creatures are "ducks"!!!!
It was reported to me that Addie had her little book while standing in line and while out on the playground!

My Addie walked, in line with her friends outside to play.

How many blessings were just noted in that sentence above?
Our glory goes to God and our thanks to the thousands of prayers.

You all have no idea how truly grateful we are to all of you for continuing to pray for us and for encouraging us and standing by us!
Did you ever think Addie would walk in line with her friends to go outside and play?
My heart always believed it even on days when my reasoning was trying to tell me otherwise.


jennohara said...

I'm so happy for you guys. Addie, you are doing so great! Keep proving everyone wrong!!

jackie said...

This truly warms my heart!!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing our God has provided! I was so hopeful for this day for you all! Our God is an Awesome God indeed! Addie, you keep showing us what a miracle looks like!

Nicole said...

What a Blessing! Another answered prayer!

Monica said...

What a blessing, this brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face and my heart. I love hearing your stories about Addie. God is Great ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!

Jenn said...

That is AWESOME!