Thursday, May 14, 2009

Breathe in

My sweet, sweet baby girl was so happy to bring her helmet home. When I first put it on her after we got home, she insisted that I push her around on her tricycle.
Of course I did.
Around and around the house.
Do you think her Daddy minded the rubber tires on the floor?
No, of course he didn't.
Do you think it was tough to see my baby strapped in from waist to toe with a little helmet on her head?
It would have been had I not reminded myself to breathe in and breathe out.
I had to remind myself how very blessed we are. Our miracle baby is sitting on a big girl tricycle and is ecstatic just to have the opportunity!

Addie has had three days of fun with her tricycle at school. The teachers tell me she is having a great time and her friends are enjoying taking turns pushing her around on her tricycle. Even the sweet children in the class next to Addie are excited for her! One Mom stopped me today to tell me that the children were excited to show her Addie's tricycle too!

I can tell how much this means to Addie.
She is now getting to do what her friends are doing. I am so blessed that we are surrounded by amazing people. I am so blessed that these beautiful children want to help Addie. I can only pray that we are always surrounded by good and kind people.

I just have to continue to breathe in and know that all is well. Day by day, minute by minute, progress and miracles are being made.


The Butlers said...

oh my gosh she is too cute! You guys are amazing. Have a wonderful weekend. Love ya

csmith said...

Yeah Addie!!! Look at you cutie pie! You are amazing!