Friday, August 21, 2009

Don't touch MY Mommy!

That's MY Mommy!

So Addie-pa-tattie "says"!
Addie gets so very upset when Julien loves on me and she's not a part of it!
We were all sitting on the floor, I was taking random pictures of the kids when Julien decided to stretch out and lay his head down on my legs.
Next thing we knew, Addie was pushing him off of me and "yelling" at him!
Julien had to explain to Addie (yet again) that I was his Mommy for eight-years before I became her Mommy.
In other words, "neener, neener, neener - you have to share Mommy"!
Possessive little things, they are.


csmith said...

Yes, they are possessive! Emily and McKenzie still fight over me! I have to remind them I am both of their momma! Addie's little expression looks like she means business, lol!