Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fifth grade!

I need someone to sit down with me and explain to me exactly how this happened.

How am I old enough to have a fifth grader that is almost as tall as I am?!?!
Julien has a very positive attitude about this year.
We seem to have an outstanding teacher, which makes all the difference between a great year and a year that is pure misery.
After last year, Julien was almost dreading going back.
As we were discussing this, I gently reminded him that he will have teachers/professors throughout high school and on into college that he does not mesh with.
I also gently reminded him that there are so many children out there that would love nothing more than to have the opportunities and chances in life that he has...his sister possibly being one of them...and that he should cherish the gift of intelligence that he harbors.
He realizes that, but
there are some days we all need a little reminding of just how fortunate we are.
So, here we are, fresh into the new school year.
It's going to be a great one!

The barber accidentally cut Julien's bangs...good news is - they will grow back!