Monday, August 31, 2009

Let me in, let me in...

not to worry, there's no hair on this chinny, chin, chin!
Addie-pa-tattie has just started understanding the concept of turning the handle on a door to make it open.
We were playing in her room while Chris was installing yet another finger guard on one of the doors, when nosey britches decided she wanted to see what her Daddy was doing!
She crawled over to the door, pulled up, stood up way high on her tippy-toes and tried her very hardest to open the door.
She didn't succeed...this time, but I'm sure she won't be giving up any time soon!
We made the decision to install the finger guards on the doors in our house after Addie came close to having a really bad accident.
She has made amazing progress with her balance, but her balance is still significantly lacking.
She was walking down the hall, holding onto the wall, when she got to the powder room door.
She put one hand on the door to stabilize herself and her other hand just so happened to be holding onto the back of the door by the hinge. I saw what was about to happen, but couldn't grab her fast enough before she lost her balance and started to close the door on her fingers.
Luckily, I was there because she only had a boo-boo that consisted of a scrape with a little blood.
Addie doesn't understand the danger and we will leave nothing to chance, so we are doing what we have to do.


Haley said...

You can also buy door knob covers to fit those type door handles. We have all our door knobs covered b/c Trey would be out in the street if we didn't! Or in the bathtub. Smart little girl!