Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Husband!

Today was a very tough day for my husband.
Since it was his birthday, he was forced to endure a day of:

Meeting me for breakfast at The Egg & I.
It was opening day and we felt it was our duty to personally test out the quality of food for the rest of the community.
It was the very least we could do!

Next, he endured a very painful day of golf at Ross Bridge with three of his best buddies.
We love Ross Bridge and I'm so glad that Chris had to "suffer" through a day off work and take in the beautiful atmosphere that surrounds this golf course:

Then the truly painful part came when he arrived home to the dinner of his choosing.

A spread of Mexican food that would make George Lopez salivate, followed by a yummy cake from Edgars and presents:

Next year, I will have to try harder to make this day wonderful for him.

Someone shouldn't have to endure a miserable day such as this on the 36th anniversary of their birth!


Heather said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Chris!!

csmith said...

Yummy looking cake. I know it must have been terrible for Chris to have to endure such a treacherous day! Carie :-)

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Chris!!!