Sunday, August 30, 2009


Just like eeeyyyye....Addie likes to "talk" about her ears.
Although the talking comes from whomever she is interacting with, Addie just points at her ears and waits patiently until you figure out what it is that she is trying to "say".
I had to take Addie with me to one of my doctors appointments last week. Addie was in a great mood and was more than willing to sit on my lap during my exam.
When my doctor walked in, Addie was all about watching every move that she made. When the doctor approached me, Addie looked at her, then looked at the otoscope hanging on the wall. Addie pointed at the otoscope and then pointed to her ear.
Addie was willing and ready to be subject to whatever poking and prodding she was about to endure, bless her heart! The doctor and I both told her that it was Mommy's turn today and that the doctor didn't have to examine her, but Addie went ahead and pointed to her ears again and then her mouth.
My doctor was sweet and played along, "examining" Addie.
What a sweetheart Addie is. I just hope as she grows older, that she will always be this cooperative at medical visits!