Friday, July 20, 2012

Well...We All Make Mistakes

Just some of us more than others.

I fall into the "some of us" category.

I like to think that I have so much going on that my brain fails to fully realize the full magnitude of a situation prior to me taking action.

Last Saturday, we decided to head out for a late lunch and to visit the wildly popular - 
let me just say that after standing in the blazing hot sun in a line that was out the door and finally making it to the counter to choose our pops, then having to squeeze past people to get back out the door and carrying a Little Monkey that was glued to me, while hanging on to the bag of pops, buckling said Monkey into her car seat with sweat dripping off of us, then somehow managing to open the pops and consume them before they melted - was 
Oh yes, this place absolutely lives up to the hype - AND - it's in Homewood.  

Anyway, my bad decisions actually started Friday night.

We took Julien out to buy a birthday present. 
Bad decision #1:  When we got home, I put Addie in charge of carrying the gift bag and tissue paper to Julien so that she could help him wrap the present.
After they were done, Addie watched the present for the rest of the night - like a hawk.

By the time Addie woke on Saturday morning, Julien was already gone for the weekend - and so was the present.

I rarely see the point in saving clothes for special occasions.  
Bad decision #2:  As I was standing and staring into Addie's closet trying to figure out what she was going to wear for an afternoon of shopping and Steel City Pop eating, I decided to grab a dress for her.
She loves to feel pretty.
I took the dress into my room and as soon as she saw it, she got so excited and asked, "Party?".

Bad decision #3:  At that moment, I knew where the situation was heading, but so wrongly thought that I could make Addie understand that we were not going to a party, but that we were going shopping and she was going to look so pretty!

Bad decision #4:  I actually continued dressing her in the "party" dress and then proceeded to leave the house.

No less than 414 times were we asked, "Party?".

It didn't matter what I said or how I tried to explain it.

We suffered through party withdrawals all afternoon and Addie even refused to enjoy her Popsicle.

After making it back to our little town, we stopped at Publix.

My sanity was teetering on the edge, so I sent Chris in, while we waited in the car.

That's when Addie asked me - yet again - "Party?". 
Only this time, it didn't sound quite so much like "party" as it did "potty".

...and that's when I realized that the 415 time she said the word, it was no longer her asking if we were going to a party, it was her telling me she had to go potty!

My sweet girl might not understand everything we say to her, but she sure is trying her best to communicate with us and at that moment, all the cared about was getting me to understand that she had to go potty
that alone
was reason enough to have a party!