Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Elderly Fat Brat

I had forgotten how an elderly cat can be challenged by changes in their environment.

I didn't think a thing in the world about buying the cats new water bowls.
I washed them thoroughly, added cool water and added one of their favorite things - ice cubes.

Alley the Fat Brat heard the ice cubes and came running!
She came to a screeching halt and lost - what I'm pretty sure is one of her last remaining lives - as soon as she came upon the mat.

She was petrified of the bowls!

I called her back over and encouraged her to have another look.
She sat back from the bowls and just studied them and it took her a little while before she took a drink.

At her last Well Kitty Visit, all systems were a go, so I don't know if maybe she just didn't see the bowls or if she is just getting older and any change ticks her off.

Whatever it was, she has moved past it and has forgiven me - just as long as I keep ice readily available for her.

Hence the name, Fat Brat.


jennohara said...

And I thought my KIDS were bad!! :D

WicketsMom said...

I have heard of several animals that won't drink out of stainless bowls. I think it's the reflection in them that they don't like. My dogs aren't picky, they'll eat or drink out of anything they can get their paws on!