Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Challenge of Surviving 13

...and I'm referring to me, not my child.

Not to sound like it's all about me, but my day before a holiday at work went from having one hundred and twenty thousand things to do, to not getting anything accomplished because I had to take Julien to Greenvale.

Aaaahhhh, just when I make the comment that it's been so long since we've seen Dr. Dudgeon, we had the pleasure of seeing him twice in less than one week.
I'm pretty certain the pleasure was all ours.

Julien in all of his 13-year-old boyness, decided to burn his leg on his dirt bike Monday night.
Since I'm not well versed in treating burns (thank the heavens above), I went through standard first aid treatment and got him settled for the night.
When I woke Tuesday morning and checked on him, the wound - in my Motherly opinion - was questionable.
Much to Julien's dismay, I opted to call Greenvale once I got to work.
The phone call led to an appointment and the appointment led to wound debridement, two prescriptions and three stickers (for Addie).

Other than Julien picking on me and driving me crazy during the visit, he did a really great job throughout the process.
Dr. Dudgeon was super compassionate to Julien, which means the world to me.

When we picked Addie up from school and she saw Julien's boo-boo, she was immediately concerned.
She insisted on a matching "boo-boo".
Once again, I am totally good with not having to address any more wounds or injuries for my 13-year-old this year.

....Football starts on Monday...

but still, I'm holding out hope.


csmith said...

Bless your heart Jenn! Addie is so super sweet to want to get a boo-boo just like her big brother! Love your sweet stories and I hope that Julien remains injury free for the remainder of the year too!

WicketsMom said...

My cousin's son (also in Helena) did the same on his dirtbike several months ago. Was riding in shorts and got a bad burn. that's why my son and I always wear our riding pants! (Of course that limits riding in this awful heat.)