Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy July 4, 2012!

This July 4, we enjoyed a bit of much needed down time!

Instead of heading off somewhere crowded to enjoy the day with fellow Alabama citizens, we crept into our day by doing the least amount possible.

Julien - and his wounded leg - went out to ride his dirt bike.

Since Addie is very much afraid of the dirt bike, she watched Julien from the window.

What I wasn't expecting was for the Little Monkey to try to get a better view.

I looked away for just a second and the mischievous little primate climbed onto the windowsill!

She was pretty proud of herself!

...and she was still very proud of herself a while later when she started climbing the stairs

She is getting braver!
...and she loves making it all the way to the top!

After Addie finished climbing all over the house, we had a few extra minutes of hanging around the house....
which led to more animal abuse.

Poor Rudy...
Although...I must say, pink might just be his color...

We opted out of the invitation to watch fireworks from the helipad of a large, nationally recognized hospital and instead spent the evening watching them from our front door.

I know it sounds absolutely thrilling, but I didn't hear my children complaining
if they are happy
I'm happy
...and not fighting traffic
....or listening to a crying five-year-old.


Aunt Nonna (Rhonda) said...

Okay, I have a problem with this! When I left this blonde-haired blue-eyed beauty in your care Tuesday morning she was not that tall. What did you do to her in the last 2 days?

Jenn said...

These were taken on July 4...before you even came to visit. It's just the angle of the camera.