Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just Dance 3

Here's one Christmas present still hanging on at the top of the entertainment list.

It's a way for Addie to find entertainment, while Chris and I try our best to find the motivation to tackle the day... at the crack of dawn.

Addie had us all entranced.

They are one very dedicated group of babies.

The Cow "Alligator" is one of our favorites...

as well as Dynamite.

The Little Monkey loves to put her hands up in the air, although not always at the right time.

Rounding out the family favorites are the dancing hamsters.

She is one very talented Baby Girl!


Granna said...

Yes, she is. I can't wait to hear the Kindergarten stories! I don't always comment, but I check for updates every day. Addie has stolen this Granna's heart. I stand amazed at her progress and I just know that she is going to soar in the months to come! I am so thankful she has parents that will serve as wonderful advocates for her as she starts to navigate the public school venture. Be her voice...strong!