Monday, July 16, 2012

Part II - John Mark Stallings SNAP of Morgan County

Once the little Monkey got up the courage to step foot into the water - it was on!

Addie was anxiety free and full of joy!
It was so amazing to see her little personality at its best!

I think this was one of the rare moments when she stopped to breathe.

She was a little nut - going from place to place!

Baby was never far from Addie's grasp and there were a few times when Baby was left on the ground and another child came by and picked her up.

Addie's radar was immediately alerted.
Each time, she would walk quickly over to the child and stand watching the child with her hands clasped in front of her and her sweet face upturned, looking sweetly at the child.
It didn't take long for Baby to be returned to her each time.

I think if daggers were being cast my way, I'd relinquish the loot and back off too.

Addie would get sidetracked again and Baby would be momentarily forgotten.

Baby ended up in the most unflattering of poses.

Not sure how that happened, but Addie immediately rescued her from further embarrassment.

Addie's bucket also caused a great deal of distress to some of the other children.
If Addie even thought about putting her bucket down, a child would come by and take it.

I have no desire to spend my time telling my child how it's right to share while another child is throwing a tantrum over something that doesn't even belong to them.
Addie - was so very sweet - and did share, until the other parents realized what their child was doing and made them return the bucket.

When we return for our next visit, I will have several extra buckets on hand - seriously.

Addie had no problem trying to play with each child.

The pool next door was catching her attention as well.
THAT will have to be worked into our schedule as well.

At one point close to the end of our visit, Addie collided with another little boy.
He accidentally knocked her down and kept right on going.
When I picked Addie up, I could feel her heart beating so fast and she had the saddest look of fear on her face.
She was so confused and couldn't figure out what had happened.
She wasn't crying, but I still took the time to give her a good once over.
That's when I discovered the bloody knee - of course.
She is such a trooper.


jennohara said...

Well, I am SO happy that you found such an amazing place for Addie! It looks like it was so worth the trip, and somewhere you will spend many more days at!
Go you for finding it! :)