Thursday, July 26, 2012


I think that's the official diagnosis.

Fungus Monkus had an appointment this afternoon to check her little ears and to possibly get the last vaccine needed before starting school.

Our well primate visit turned out not to be quite so well.
Fungus has an upper respiratory infection - which thankfully - explains her atrocious behavior these last few days.

Today's visit had a few rare moments, which I can only explain away due to Addie's rare fungicidal diagnosis or an alien invasion - I'm not sure which one.

While in the waiting room, we had the opportunity to visit with one of my co-workers, our dentist and the owner of Chris's favorite lunchtime burger restaurant.
Who knew the Greenvale waiting room could double as social hour?

When Addie's name was called she basically ran to the nurse and straight down the hall.
I had to call her back to me.
Apparently, my sweet little Monkey remembered the room we were in a few weeks back and didn't feel the need to wait on us.

Addie had no problem stepping onto the scales - any other time, she would have been in tears (like her Mommy).
Addie is now weighing in at a whopping 33 pounds!
She stood still while the nurse took her temperature and then she happily walked to the exam room.

Addie never cried, whimpered or whined.
I tried to prepare her for the visit and a boo-boo shot.
I also prepared her for receiving stickers, which may or may not have helped the situation along.

When Dr. Dudgeon came in to troubleshoot the Little Monkey, she stood sweetly while he checked her ears, mouth and tummy.

I think Dr. Dudgeon was impressed.
I know we were!
(It was also so nice to watch Addie walk through the halls of Greenvale and to show off how much progress she has made...not that anyone was necessarily paying attention...but I was and she never ceases to amaze me!)

When Dr. Dudgeon left the room, Addie patted the exam table "asking" me to pick her up so she could lay down with her two babies.

It was like an alien life form took ownership of my child.

Sweet Dr. Dudgeon gave Addie a pass on her vaccine so she could recover.
Have I told you guys how much I appreciate Dr. Dudgeon and all he has done for us?

We go back sometime in the next three weeks to get the almighty Blue Form which will allow Addie an all access pass to Kindergarten!


...and just for the record, I'm blaming Boots for the cooties: