Sunday, July 29, 2012

Is A Medical Degree Really Necessary?

When we went in to see Dr. Dudgeon this past Thursday, he asked me if I thought Addie might be teething.

I gave my most intellectual, stammering reply of obliviousness.

Here I sit trying to figure out if I must have a medical degree to know when my child is teething.
I have decided that the answer is probably, "Yes".
By the age of five, teething is not the first thing that I think of when I start troubleshooting Addie.

On the way home Friday night, I witnessed this...

I haven't yet been brave enough to stick my finger into her mouth to feel her little gums, but for some odd reason I'm thinking that she might possibly be teething.

Stay tuned.
The next post might include pictures of my stitched up finger and/or hand.

July 27, 2012