Sunday, July 08, 2012

It Just Doesn't Feel Right

to sit here and talk about my family.
Not when my heart is so heavy.

Henderson Blog Posting will resume on Wednesday.

I was reading back through my emails over the weekend, looking for any that I had saved from Jamie.

The one that caught my attention was the one she had sent me the day after Addie's first day at her current daycare.

Jamie was telling me that we had been on her mind and that she was so glad that Addie's first day at school went well.

It was a very strong reminder of all the times she had asked about Addie - and how very much that meant to me. 

I know that there of those of you who never met Jamie, but yet you still prayed for her and her family.


Granna said...

As I watched Brandon and Erin walk behind that casket heart just broke.

Jenn said...

I know Granna. Continued prayers for peace and strength!