Sunday, July 01, 2012

Greenvale, Tears and The Brink of Sanity.

The last few days have been overly stressful with the Little Monkey.

The insane Little Monkey just isn't herself and has spent HOURS at a time, crying and miserable despite all my best efforts and those of several different pharmaceutical companies.

This past Thursday, Chris and I took Addie for a visit to Greenvale.
It's been a while since we've seen Dr. Dudgeon, primarily because we have been supporting Dr. Davis, as well as random Emergency Rooms across the United States. 

It was really nice (as nice as it can be to visit a doctor’s office) to check in with Dr. Dudgeon - he is always so incredibly sweet to Addie and I am always so thankful for his compassion.

Addie was very nervous and never detached herself from me the entire time we were in the exam room.
I'm always understanding, but holy cow - it was so hot!
Addie sat on my lap the entire time like a little heating blanket.
I have vowed never to make a mid-day appointment again during the summer.

Addie was such a good little patient despite her anxiety!
She obeyed each command - although reluctantly at times and she even said a few words for Dr. Dudgeon!

As it turns out, my Little Fungus Monkus is having ear issues again - right ear only - so far.

Our visit with Dr. Dudgeon ended with one vaccine, one boo-boo Band-aid, four stickers and one Rx.
Addie didn't cry when she received her vaccine - she makes me proud - she is such a brave girl!


Since our visit, Addie has been off the hook.

Our entire weekend has been consumed by her outrageous crying spells.
Thankfully, we had a break for date night (thanks to my mom, sister and niece) and we needed it because today has been just awful.

Addie is having random spikes in her temperature. 
I don't know if Addie is having ear pain, so I'm keeping her full of pain medicine and ear drops, but there is also something that makes me think she might be having some tummy pain.
I keep asking her to show me where she hurts (if she is hurting), but the only thing she does, is show me a pseudo boo-boo on her leg where a Hello Kitty Band-Aid used to reside.

It has been a long - and very rough - weekend.

I just hope I can troubleshoot her and get this all figured out.
My mom brought us a bottle of wine last night and I think that might be the only thing to keep us from falling off the brink of sanity.

....and yes.  I know how lucky we are that this is the only thing in our lives that we have to complain about.  I feel a little selfish for complaining, but I just need to vent sometimes....


csmith said...

Keeping you all in my prayers! It's okay to vent too Jenn! Love you guys! Carie

jennohara said...

Thank goodness for wine. Poor Addie girl...I hope you get everything figured out soon!