Tuesday, June 26, 2012

There's That Whiny Girl Again....

Everybody knows that the first step to recovery, is admitting you have a problem.
I have a problem and I'm pretty sure some PhD somewhere would have a field day with me.

I play out scenes in my mind just like J.D. on Scrubs.
I apparently have little control over it and it only adds to my whacked out sense of humor that not everyone manages to pick up on.

Thank goodness, I can sometimes control the filter on my mouth before the thoughts swimming in my mind find a way to verbalize themselves...

We just wanted to be at the park just like everyone else.

Addie - according to her chronological age - 
is not a baby
she loves the baby swings and they keep her safe
we don't have a problem with it.
Safety first.

The Little Monkey and Big Bertha.

Sweet Addie still has lots of problems with motion.
She loves the swing, but not too high or too fast or she "loses her stomach" and crunches up into a little ball.
It's really pitiful at times...
Big Bertha is jammed in there and not moving an inch!
See...this is where it all went wrong.
Addie saw the big climber and appeared interested, so we took the opportunity to work in some much needed PT.
Lots of hard work, lots of encouragement and lots of guiding foot placement
She didn't give up!
This was my cue to grab her.
She gets tired when working that hard and has to rest.

Addie was sitting sweetly with her baby and was watching child after child go down the slide in front of her.
When there was a break in children, I slid her over to the entrance to the slide and encouraged her to go down.
It was at that moment that another little boy came in right behind her and tried his best to shove her down the slide by jamming his feet into her back and then proceeded to shove past her and go the rest of the way down the slide.

That didn't work well for Addie, Me...or him.

Addie became frightening, started crying and in an effort to avoid another slide incident, I grabbed her and pulled her back out of the slide.

>>>See...this is where my fabulous self control comes in, although thoughts and actions were swimming around in my deranged mind, I kept them contained...mostly!<<< 

For the rest of our visit, Addie wanted no part of the slide and each time the little boy walked by Addie, he pointed out to anyone within hearing distance that, "There's that whiny girl again!".

Wow...talk about failure to take ownership of root cause and ones own actions...  

June 2, 2012