Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Right On Time...

I'm assuming it's the 547 degree, disgustingly humid temperatures that has turned my Little Monkey into a demon.

I'm waiting for her to develop a fever, break out in hives or start spewing forth bacterial laden goo...something, anything, to explain her mind-numbing behavior this week.

I'm exhausted from the drama.

...and it's right on time to fit in with my love of Summer and all things sweaty and putrid.

Imagine the momentary delight this evening when Chris and I finally sat down in the living room with Addie and the house was cool and quiet.

No sooner had we relaxed into the chair, our phone started to ring.
We don't answer our home phone - it just sits in the office for decoration.

We have perfected the art of ignoring our phone, but the Little Monkey has not.

The next thing we heard was Addie call out, "Morgan...,...Gill....!"....

She knows that when the phone rings at school, her teachers must answer it and we can only assume that the other children call out to their teachers to point out the obvious when the phone is ringing.

We don't know what she was really thinking, but whatever it was - it was just precious!