Wednesday, June 06, 2012


tonight wasn't the evening of running around that I cared to have.
We ended up heading out for dinner and shopping right after work.

When we pulled into the shopping center for dinner, Addie must have been starving because she kept making sure we were going to "eat".

As we approached the restaurant, the nearby movie theater obviously caught her eye, because the next thing we heard was "Popcorn?".  
I don't even remember the last time we went to the movies - it has been a while, at least a year.

I didn't really believe that is what she meant, so when we left the restaurant I had Chris slowly drive by the theater and then when we got right smack in front, Addie pointed and asked again, "Popcorn?".

I have no idea how my child has any recollection of having popcorn at a movie theater or that she even remembers going to a movie theater!

We are just in shock.


this weekend, I'm taking my Baby Girl to see a movie and get some popcorn at the movie theater.

She just earned it.


Laura said...

Yay Addie! This made me smile. I am so proud of sweet Addie.

jennohara said...

Yes she sure did earn it!! Holy Moly....