Monday, June 18, 2012

Julien's Home!

I wish I would have had my phone in order to video Addie's reaction.
It was priceless!

I picked up Julien this afternoon and then we went to pick up Addie.
When we got to Addie's classroom, Addie was in the back of the classroom playing with her friends.
One friend told Addie that her Mommy was there and when Addie looked up and saw Julien, she started smiling and screaming, but didn't move.
It took her a second and then she started to run to Julien, then stopped and dropped the blocks she had in her hands and then ran full force at him - had she been able to hurdle the tables, she probably would have.

Julien picked her up, the whole time Addie was still screaming his name, and she buried her head in his neck.
She was hugging him so tight, never letting go, only leaning back every few seconds to kiss his cheek and then she would bury her head in his neck again.

It was so sweet!

Julien had a fantastic time on his trip!


I meant to post this picture before now.
Julien got a dirt bike sometime in April (not from me) and has been riding it every chance he gets.

This is what off season from football and wrestling looks like.


WicketsMom said...

Dirt bikes are awesome! Looks like a HONDA XR200 like mine. My five-year old has one too (much smaller though).