Tuesday, June 05, 2012

My Big Helper!

My Little Monkey absolutely adores helping me in the kitchen.
It is rare that we get the opportunity, but I made the time this evening and got home early enough to actually cook dinner.
As soon as Addie saw me move her tower over to the sink, she started beaming with joy and holding up her arms for me to pick her up!

I showed Addie how to wash the potatoes and had I not been watching her so carefully, she probably would have scrubbed each potato until her little fingers bled.
She was so thrilled to be my helper!

I won't even talk about the places the water ended up around the kitchen - it was worth it just to see her so happy.
I love to see her take pride in everything she does!

She makes me so proud!
When she finished washing the last potato, I looked over and caught the little Monkey doing this!
She is such a mess!!!