Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Addie is extremely insane particular over her babies.
She has to make sure they are well taken care of and if one little thing is out of place, her world comes crashing down.
Tonight, after I got her and two of her babies out of the shower, I wrapped all three of them up and took them downstairs.
The towel that was wrapped around the babies came loose and Addie, fearful that her babies were being abused and neglected, had a complete come apart.

It was such a spectacular display of tantrumness, that all Chris and I could do was just stand there and watch.

At one point, Addie ran to the couch and put her head down.
She lifted her head long enough to yell, "Mad!" and then proceeded back into her tantrum.

Once the demons released their grip on her, and I finished my glass of wine, I realized how beautiful the event was 
because Addie said a word that is new to her vocabulary.

I love progress!