Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Addie's Preschool Graduation

Leading up to graduation, Addie's class practiced each day.
Addie was chosen to hold the flag during The Pledge of Allegiance.
This honor - of course - made her feel incredibly special and it was even more special that Anna Lien was chosen to help Addie.

At home, I practiced with Addie.
She would mimic the words with me as she stood with her hand over her heart.
She was so proud!

Laura took this picture for me during one of the practices.

When the big day came, it was completely different.
Addie was so shy in front of everyone and could barely participate in the flag ceremony.
Then, she just stood, watching everyone during the rest of the graduation.

It didn't help that her cap made her miserable.
When I first received the cap, I took it to our local and very fabulous seamstress so she could work her magic.
She did an outstanding job, but there was no amount of magic that could make the cap work for Addie.
I have pictures.
I'm choosing not to post them because I don't want that memory.
When the time comes for Addie to wear another cap, it just won't happen.
I suppose this situation was a win for Microcephaly and a loss for my good intentions.
This was one thing I didn't seem to be able to make better for her.
Lesson learned and I'll never make her go through it again.

Her former teacher, Stephanie, was gracious enough to take Addie from the room right after she received her diploma and I couldn't get to them fast enough.
I removed the pins holding the cap on Addie and rubbed the awful marks on her face and scalp where the pins had caused welts. 
It was awful.

Right after, everyone met in Addie's classroom for refreshments. 

It took a few minutes for Addie to perk back up.

This always helps.
My nieces and Mom came for the graduation!...
and of course, here we are.
Chris never made it into one of the pictures because we were trying our best to finish up and just go home.

It just wasn't one of our better memories.

May 24, 2012