Monday, November 28, 2011

Waiting Patiently

Addie didn't know it was Thanksgiving Day and she didn't know that it was Julien's Birthday, although we told her time and again...
or maybe she did know, but we just didn't know that she knew.

Addie was very firmly aware of the cake sitting on the counter and the party decorations and knew, that if she waited patiently and long enough, that she would get a piece of the cake.

From the time the cake came into the house the night before, until the time Julien blew out the candles, all Addie talked about was "cake" and "Carli" because Carli came for the party too.

While waiting for everyone to arrive, Addie was so sweet and patient.
She was content to sit on the porch and read, but as soon as we announced that Carli had arrived,
she ran to the front door to wait for her!
(please don't pay attention to my front door. apparently Cujo spent the morning rubbing against the glass.)
Addie waited patiently for Carli to stretch her legs on the front lawn.
...and even smiled the biggest smile while saying, "cheeeese!"!