Monday, November 07, 2011

Last Pumpkin Patch Visit of 2011

We made our final Pumpkin Patch visit of the fall last Saturday.
It was very, very chilly, but perfect for fall activities!

Julien was incredibly helpful the entire time.
He didn't hesitate to take Addie on the "train"

or through the gift shop.
He didn't mind taking silly pictures with her
or taking her into the inflatables.
Addie tired really quickly and had to take several breaks...
and took advantage of the break times to be as silly as possible.
Addie had several instances where she had to wait on Julien while he had his turn to play, but she was more than happy to cheer for him!
....that thing is crazy high....
Aaahhhh, yes.
The ever perfect family picture.
We are so glamorous.
Chris tried taking a picture with his cell phone.
It was useless for timing, clarity and compliance.

I'm not sure what had Addie's attention, but apparently, Julien and I were missing out on something pretty interesting.
October 29, 2011


jennohara said...

Darnit! I'm so jelous of all your fall festivities! :) Julien is such a great sport!