Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Halloween 2011....That's a Wrap!

There was a lot going on at our house and Addie was super excited about the activities!
She was more than willing to help me hand out candy and when we were all done, we headed out into the neighborhood for a while.

Addie didn't have much of anything to "say".
She didn't get upset, but she wasn't real sure what to make of it all.
She was just content to ride around and look at everything.

If you notice, we had a costume change....
Thanks again Aunt Sue!

I have absolutely no idea why kids are afraid of Halloween...
I tried.
I really, really did.
Unfortunately, the asking price was just way too much so I took him back home with me.
At the end of the night, Addie was exhausted from all the festivities!...
...and when it was time for Carli to leave, the little Monkey was not very happy - at all.
After we waved bye and stepped back inside, Addie tried her best to try to find Carli although she was already gone.

I can't believe that October is gone already
and that Thanksgiving is almost here....
and if I see one more Christmas Wreath, I seriously think I'm going to scream.