Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Back to the beginning of Halloween

Our party last week was so much fun for my little Monkey.
She had a great time dancing and loved seeing so many new friends.


She even stood in line for the costume parade and apparently found something to be quite amusing!

When the MC announced Addie's name, our gracious hostess took Addie by the hand and walked her out onto the "runway".

Addie did such an amazing job and didn't mind her Angry Bird escort....until a little later when the Angry Bird swooped down on her during one really fun song.
My little Monkey thought she was under attack and immediately started to unravel.
Lots of tears and snot followed.
That - was absolutely - a party ender.
Addie never really recovered after that.
I tried at one point to get her back onto the dance floor during the Cha Cha Slide...who doesn't love to dance to that???....except my child during a fear induced crying fit.

The party was great...while it lasted!

Thanks again so very much for the wonderful party - it was such an honor!