Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Am Not In Denial

With regards to the issues that I harbor regarding my youngest child.
One of the issues that I have is the fear of her falling, in particular, the fear of her falling backwards off objects such as seats without a back.
Addie is so incredibly blessed with friends and I am so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by parents who accept Addie and approve of the friendship that their children have with her.
Another Mom asked her sweet daughter to put her arm around Addie to make sure that she didn't fall.
These are the same girls that will wrap their hands around Addie's when they are on the tire swing at school so that Addie will hold on and have the opportunity to participate just like her friends.
These children are amazing.
Liv sat with her arm around Addie the entire time. 
She paid extra attention when Addie turned to pet the bunny.
Such precious little girls!

(You guys know my disclaimer on picture posting. Let me know if you want any pictures removed.)