Thursday, November 03, 2011

Twelve-Year Check-Up

Julien had his twelve-year check-up today.
My participation in these visits is drastically different than what is needed for Addie's visits.
Julien's visits are geared towards me encouraging him to answer questions and me trying to act as busy as possible by answering emails...while listening not listening (ahem) to what is going on in the room.
I want Julien to feel confident in speaking with our favorite pediatrician, but yet, I seriously think that children still need a parent with them...even if some stupid law seems to think that my rights as a parent becomes secondary to their rights as a child at the magical age of thirteen.
.....moving on because I could right a book about that annoying topic....
I think Julien's check-up went well.
Dr. Dudgeon was amazingly sweet - as always.
There was no sharable news except that my child is now officially five feet seven inches tall....

Julien didn't seem at all bothered by having to get his flu shot or having his blood drawn and he especially wasn't bothered by getting to miss a bit of school. 

I'm about to be the Mother of a teenager.
I need an adults only vacation - and bad.