Wednesday, November 23, 2011

In Absolute Heaven!

I do believe I have mentioned Monkey's love of trains.
She loves trains - loves imagine her delight when she discovered the massive train display at the McWane Center!!!

She seriously could have watched them all night long!
We live a few miles from two sets of train tracks and in the very early morning hours when the house is really quiet, we can hear the horns on the trains.
Not so long ago, the no sleeping little Monkey was in my bed when we heard the horn on the train. 
She lay so very still just listening and I knew she was trying to figure out where in the world the noise was coming from.
When I told her that I heard the train too, she got so excited and sat up to try to see the train.
It was a very sweet moment - would have been a lot sweeter had it been around mid-day instead of long before dawn.