Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Julien managed to pick up a case of Fungus from school last week.
He was kind enough to pass it off to Addie and Chris.
Julien was awfully miserable and spent a great deal of time coughing so intensely that I was waiting for his left lung to emerge through his oral cavity.
Addie, being the sweet and concerned baby that she is, wanted to know if Julien was O.K.
I told her that Julien "was sick", but that he would get better soon.
When I woke Addie Monday morning for school...after her keeping me up the majority of the night, she sat on my bed, coughing like crazy.
She covered her little mouth and when I asked her if she was O.K., she said, "sick" and put her head over to the side in an effort to emphasise just how pitiful she was.

That is a new word - and absolute music to my ears!

They are all on their way to feeling better and I'm on my way to recovering some sort of sanity after functioning without sleep and desperately trying to find the miraculous cure to rid my home of the annoying cough that has settled amongst us. 

When I grow up, I want to earn the salary of top level executives at pharmaceutical companies.
That would only be fair repayment for the amount of money that I donate to them.