Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Knew It Was Pointless

but I had to try it anyway.

Today was pictures with Santa at the little Monkey's school.
I dressed her and sent her with her money just in case she decided to visit with Santa.

Later on this evening, I decided to ask Addie about her visit with Santa and this was her response - I love it!
I wonder if she was looking past me to see if Santa was coming in her room!

(You can pause the music over to the right. Keep in mind that certain corporations block videos, so if you happen to work for one of them, you will not be able to see the video at work...not that you would try to view videos during business hours...)

A couple weeks back, Addie was looking through a magazine, when she pointed at a picture and said, "Santa".
I have no idea where she learned that from and it was a complete shock to hear her say "Santa"...especially since she is so very afraid of him!
~~~and, it is so rare to hear Addie say two or three word sentences - this video is so wonderful!!!~~~


jennohara said...

Sweet sweet girl!! "Hold her"!! I love to hear her talking. I miss that girl.
We'll see how Hanna does this year with Santa!