Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thomas won! :(

Thomas is our gentle kitty. There is a "rule" in our house that when ice chips fall from the icemaker, Thomas is allowed to clean them up. It just so happened this time Addie was on the floor playing when Chris got some ice and a few pieces fell to the floor. When Thomas heard the icemaker, he came running. Addie was one step ahead of him and was trying her best to pick up the ice chip with her little fingers. The ice kept slipping away from her and then Thomas showed up and kept nudging her out of the way. The battle continued until Thomas just stole the ice away! I can't blame him, it was rightfully his! Addie gave him lots of "loving" though and he just sat and took the "abuse"!


Anonymous said...

That cat is huge!! I think that Thomas must eat more than ice chips from the fridge.

Praying for you today,

Susan W.

Jennifer and Brandon said...

LOVE this post. I follow your blog daily and root/pray for all of Addie's goals and acomplishments. I have never met you though am inspired by all you and Addie do! :) My husband went to school with Jennifer Willis.

Jennifer Whited