Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fifteen-month check-up

We saw Dr. Dudgeon this afternoon for what should have been Addie's fifteen-month check-up. Addie still has an ear infection in both ears and a yucky runny nose so her well baby visit turned into a medical office visit. Dr. Dudgeon is wondering if Addie will have a tougher time than other children fighting ear infections and sinus infections due to the small structure of her ears and nose. We have been fighting one infection after another and we are just as frustrated as can be with it all. Since the Ciprodex doesn't seem to be working, Addie is now taking an oral antibiotic as well as an antibiotic for the thrush that she managed to acquire. :( Addie's growth this time was a bit concerning. She lost weight since her last visit and the first two times the nurse measured her height, she got the same measurement as three months ago. Dr. Dudgeon remeasured Addie and thinks she grew about 1/2 an inch, which only puts her in the 4th percentile. There are a few different possibilities for the numbers, the one that makes the most sense is it is just simply part of the Microcephaly and is nothing additional to be concerned with. The second possibility is that Addie may have something wrong with her pituitary gland. Dr. Dudgeon wants to see her back in two weeks for a re-check and possible testing. If the numbers look like there is improvement, we may be able to put off testing until July when Addie will already be sedated for her MRI. I don't want her to be put through any more than she absolutely has to be! On a positive note, Addie did have an increase in her head circumference since her last check-up!!!! Although minimal by the standard, it is growth and that's what I pray for - CONTINUED GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT!
Dr. Dudgeon was pleased with the progress Addie is making. Although slow, she is making progress! He even said she was our little miracle baby...those were golden words coming from him.


Apryl said...

I think Dr. Dudgeon is getting a new perspective since the birth of his daughter. It seems like he is not as clinical as he used to be.