Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Finally some good meds!

I took Addie back to Dr. Dudgeon this morning. She was diagnosed with an ear infection and a lower respiratory infection. I was more than happy to accept the shot he offered her as well as the oral antibiotics. These last four days have been pure misery for ALL of us! We hate to see Addie so very sick. She has restlessly slept on and off since we got home this morning, so I hope the shot is working it's magic. It is mentally exhausting when your child is so sick and then when you add the threat of seizures, it's enough to drive you mad with worry!
Thank you all so much for your prayers! You have once again gotten our family through a difficult time!


Apryl said...

I am glad Dr. Brian finally gave you some meds. Hope Addie feels 100% soon.