Saturday, April 05, 2008


I stood Addie up at the cow just to see what she would do and check this out! She stood holding onto the cow for about a minute (yes, without her braces on Heather...) and did so good! After about a minute, she wanted to sit but didn't know what to do. I stood by and let her decide...she plopped right down on her big diapered bottom and couldn't decide if she was going to cry or not. Keep in mind, she doesn't pull up and doesn't usually stand, so she doesn't understand the concept of falling. I immediately started clapping and told her what a great job she did! She clapped too and leaned forward, which I took to meant she wanted to do it again...and she did! This is the rocking cow that Julien got for his first birthday from me. Addie seems to enjoy it too!

(To save a few emails from friends...I AM fully aware this is April and my daughter is wearing Christmas pajamas. By golly, I paid enough for them and she is going to wear them until they no longer fit!)


Anonymous said...

I'm just surprised that Moo Cow is not stained, as Julian is nine years old!!! Both of our boys liked to eat snacks on their riding toys.