Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good-bye to Ali

Addie's friend, Ali will be leaving on Friday. Her family is moving to Texas. I remember so vividly the first day that I met Ali; it wasn't long after Addie started school. I went to drop Addie off at school and Ali's parents were there for her first day. Ali's Dad was holding the camera and Ali's Mom was trying her best to regain her composure! It just broke my heart! I knew the pain that she felt and wanted to just give her a big hug! I walked out of the room and told Chris that I wished I could make her feel better and contemplated going back in. I can't believe that was over a year ago! Addie and Ali have done so well together and are great friends! If you remember, Ali is the one that Addie took the ball from last year when I deemed her as a bully!

Ali's parents were nice enough to give Addie this gift, she just loves it and tries so hard to hold on! Julien was right by her, showing her how everything works.

Thank you so much! You guys will be missed and I wish you the best of luck! May God bless you!


Melanie Sims said...

Thank you so much. You all will be greatly missed as well. We are so glad that Addie loves her dancing machine. We will keep updated on Addie by following the blog. Thank you so much for sharing her with us. Addie is such a blessing and we will miss her. If you all want a vacation (it's only an hour to the beach in Galveston!) please give us a call. We would love for you all to come visit us. My email address is melanieksims@yahoo.com.

Take care,
Melanie, Blake and Ali