Sunday, April 27, 2008

Poor Kim...and Chris

Addie had her fifteen-month pictures today at The Botanical Gardens. I know there will be a few really good pictures only because Kim is so talented, but otherwise the session was miserable! Addie was so fussy because she just doesn't feel well and getting her to smile for the camera was WORK! We all know what a little ham she usually is! On top of that, Julien was exhausted from his game and wasn't in the best mood either. I'm still not feeling up to par, so Kim and Chris had to listen and deal with a lot of whining and misery...on top of the heat. I was so embarrassed by the time we left. I guess we all have our moments, but did it really have to be in front of the sweetest and most talented photographer in the world???

I already have Addie's eighteen-month session booked with Kim and I am booking her twenty-one month session and her two-year session tomorrow. Kim is booking up FAST, so make sure you contact her soon for an appointment!