Sunday, April 08, 2012

Soccer Picture Overload!

I will not apologize.
This blog is going to be inundated with soccer pictures this Spring, just like in the fall, it's inundated with pumpkin pictures.
It's just the way it is.
I am so incredibly proud of Addie that I got just a little picture happy!

Addie's soccer buddy or sidekick is really sweet.
Just for the sake of blog posting, lets call her...Emma.

Emma was incredibly attentive to Addie.
On the registration form I had listed a few things about Addie's abilities that I felt were important for the soccer league to be aware of, but when we met Emma, I didn't tell her anything.
I wanted her to have a chance to get to know Addie without feeling like I was bombarding her with instructions.
So, we stood back and watched Emma work with Addie.
Emma apparently knew from Addie's profile that Addie had difficulties with balance because she kept a firm grasp on Addie's hand!
Addie tried desperately to kick the ball.
She isn't quite there yet.

Addie finally got to the point where she could slide the ball along with her foot.
Had she not focused almost all of her attention on her glowing fan club on the sidelines, she might have gotten up and down the field a little quicker!
Good grief...she's such a little camera hog!

Emma took the opportunity to cheat a little.
Addie never saw a thing!
Addie was so close to the goal...
but just couldn't manage to get her little foot to make the ball go in!

So close!

This is where lots of practice comes in.
There's a reason why this special needs soccer league doesn't have refs!
Trying again!

Addie is making sure that we are still watching!
She finally got her little foot up onto the ball!
Still trying so hard!
Sometimes it takes a village.

Other sidekicks joined in for lots of encouragement and praise!

So close yet again...
and a little helping hand...and it's a goal!


Anonymous said...

Love it! There is no such thing as too many pictures!


Melissa Irvin said...

Love all the pictures! I bet she was worn out after playing so hard!

Nicole said...

Love it! She looks so proud of herself!

jennohara said...

Thank you for making my night Jenn!!!

Aunt Cissy said...

She did a great job. I am looking forward to seeing her again on Sunday I hope.

Love Aunt Cissy and Gab