Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yard Helper

We are way behind on getting new mulch out this year.
We've been...just a little busy.

When the bugs are at their lowest, but yet it's not the hottest part of the day, I love to take Addie out so she can help.
If the conditions are not just right, we (that would be Chunky Monkey AND Me) hit meltdown well before one task is complete.

On this day, the conditions were perfect and Addie was thrilled to be helping out!

I grabbed her work gloves out of the laundry room and her sand shovel off the deck

and pointed her in the right direction!
We filled her wagon with mulch and the hard, hard work began.
I was looking at this picture and remembering how very long it took us to teach Addie to squat
and then it took so long for her to have enough balance to stand from a squatting position.
I suppose I see her accomplishments in every single thing she does.
I'm not entirely sure if that makes me just really proud or halfway crazy.


jennohara said...

I get that! So many things I look at Hanna and remember how we worked with her to get there. We are just a weeee bit crazy too tho ;)