Sunday, April 01, 2012


We sat down at the table to stuff the eggs for Addie to take to school for her party.
In years past, I would put everything out on the table and tell Addie exactly what we were doing and she would sit quietly and watch as I guided her hands as we opened and closed the eggs.
...but this year, as soon as I opened the packages, Addie immediately grabbed an egg and started trying to open it.
Which meant, I went and grabbed the camera and stood back and watched - with pure pride!

It took some effort for Addie to open the egg, but she never got frustrated!

Once the egg was opened, I told her to go ahead and place one stamp into the egg.
She did exactly that!

Then, Addie tried and tried...and tried some more to snap the egg all the way closed.
In all fairness, it's a cheap little plastic's not even that easy for me to close.
Addie closed the egg and as instructed, placed the egg into the bag.

Since the egg was being difficult, I had to intervene
but it never discouraged her.
As we moved through the process and the egg stuffing's got a little more tricky, Addie would hold the egg for me to stuff and then I would help her close the eggs.
It may not seem like a big deal, but it is a huge deal to me!
I love to see Addie thinking through a task and I love seeing how her coordination is improving!
My beautiful Baby Girl has showed me some amazing progress in the last few weeks!


jennohara said...

It's huge when frustration doesn't come into play as much as it used to. That was a big thing with Hanna.
Addie is amazing us all!!

csmith said...

Yay Addie! You are so smart and are such a big girl!!!!! Love you, Carie