Sunday, April 15, 2012

Egg Hunt Through The Halls....

Thank you lovely Alabama weather!

As is typical Addie fashion, she took her sweet time and just followed her friends through the halls.
Absolutely no rush to find any eggs.

I had to encourage her to stop and pick up the eggs...I'm pretty sure she thought she was going to miss something awfully important if she stopped watching her friends!
If there is a baby anywhere near us, Addie has to stop what she is doing and focus every bit of her attention on them.
Addie forgot all about the egg hunt, she was just admiring all the little ones who were watching the "big" kids!
It was useless for me to even try to redirect her.
Yep, still hanging out.
Who can blame her?
Sweet Anna Lien was helping Addie find the eggs (once she finally broke away from the window).
Addie stopped before putting the egg into her basket.
I think she wanted to make sure that she wasn't taking the bunnies eggs.
A little encouragement and into the basket the egg went.
Other Mommy's and Gram's were encouraging Addie as well!
Showing off her prize to Levi's Gram!
The little Monkey was so excited!!!!