Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Don't Ask Why, Just Slowly Back Away

The little Monkey is going through a phase right now where she "demands" to have a sweater with her everywhere we go.
It's Alabama.
It's 1027 degrees outside with 185% humidity.
We always have a sweater with us.
Chris gets a little annoyed at the situation.
The other day he suggested that I take her sweater off as we were walking across a parking lot. 
I told him that if he was brave enough to try it, to go right ahead.
He tried.
After he almost had his jugular ripped open, he retreated and allowed our sweet, angelic, little Monkey to keep her sweater.
So, if you see us out and about - or pictures on the blog - and my precious, mild-mannered baby girl has on her sweater - just go with it.
We certainly are.