Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Camp - Week One

Chunky Monkey's school is having an activity packed summer camp this year.
Each week has a new theme and each Wednesday is dress up day.
Last week, the children were to dress up as a cowboy or cowgirl.

Keep in mind that my creativity level is the exact polar opposite from every pre-school teaching, dress-smocking, cupcake decorating Mommy on the face of the earth, so my children just have to suffer through it.

In order to make everyone miserable, I had my husband climb into the attic in an effort to find a hat that Chunk could wear to school.
I knew which box it was in, because I put it there almost ten years back.
Chris just had to find it.

It just so happened to be this hat:

The hat that my sweet Baby Boy wore when he was two.

I don't know why, but I wanted Sweet Addie to have her chance to wear it too.
She felt so special wearing Julien's hat and she didn't seem to notice that she wasn't wearing real cowboy boots like her friends...

We were trying to get a picture of the horse on her shirt and to show off her "bandanna" a.k.a, my hair scarf, but when we took the baby's towel away and asked to the hold the baby, things started to get a little tense...
so we caved to the little evil monster and let her have her way.
It wasn't a fight worth fighting.
I justified the outfit by saying that the horse on her shirt and the corduroy skirt totally made her worthy of the title of cowgirl for a day.
Now if only I could teach her how to rope and ride...
In case  you must know...
the towel was for baby to wipe her face after she brushed her teeth.
I can only assume that was going to take place in the car...???
June 8, 2011


jennohara said...

She makes a perfect little cowgirl! Good job mommy!
The rubber boots are a nice touch. ;)

Anonymous said...

First off, that picture of Julien is just too freakin' cute!!

Secondly, I'm glad that there are other mom's out there with creativity issues. Maybe we should start a support group?