Sunday, June 05, 2011

Thank You All You Beach Goers

May 29, 2011
Thank you each and every one of you who decided to spend the Memorial Day weekend somewhere other than where we were. 
Birmingham and Montgomery were both ghost towns
we appreciate that.
There was no wait, no crowds and no long drives to the beach.  
The weeks leading up to Memorial Day, we kept asking each other, " you want to go to the beach?".
The same response from both of us, "I don't really care.  Do you?".
In the end, that translated to neither one of us having any interest in going.

So, while everyone else was out of town, we decided to torture ourselves in  the 3000 degree Alabama heat and we headed to Montgomery.

There we saw
 Ducks - Addie's favorite animal. 
A sad looking little Monkey.
And A Grumpy and Hot Homo Sapien.
Chunky Monkey's lunch meal came with a hat that (of course) was way too big, but she was in love.
She wanted to wear the silly hat, but it just wouldn't stay on no matter how hard she tried.

Chunky Monkey didn't have hardly anything to say, she just wanted to look at each animal.
I don't know what she was thinking, but she appeared to be having a good time.
I was having a good time as well, despite the awful heat,
the train being put together with duct tape,
the debris in the lake,
the horses standing around waiting for their turn to give a child a piggyback ride, 
and the poor elephant that appeared to be so hot that he had to lay down and let his trunk submerge into the water just to gain relief from the awful scorching sun.
Chunky Monkey was in a daze. 
It was so freakin' hot.
and it was only May.