Thursday, June 23, 2011

It Just Wouldn't Be As Fun

If I called her "Parrot" instead of "Monkey". 

Apparently, that is what Chunkus Monkus has become. 

Addie is picking up on new words and does remarkably well repeating words.  She doesn't do quite as well when prompting her to say a word....but regardless...

The majority of Addie's friends have already moved up to a new class at school.  This means that Addie has a ton of new children in her class, which means she has all new names to learn.

When I picked Chunky Monkey up from school today, her teacher told me that Addie knows the names of all the children in the class and knows who their parents are as well.

I think that is really exceptionally awesome and sweet.  Addie is so observant and it makes me feel good to know that she is excited about meeting new friends and makes the association on who people are.

One tiny little step at a time...progress continues.


jennohara said...

Awesome!! Everyone's names and their parents! That's so great...what a little social butterfly!

Anonymous said...

It is so sweet that when princess sees her old friend she calls them by their name without seeing them everyday! Also the new children when they enter the class she is the first to call their name and she is so happy smiling and laughing!!!