Thursday, June 23, 2011

Water Play

Slackerville 2011
Things have been so hectic that we have yet to make it to the pool this summer.
The only water play for Addie so far has been minimal.

She does participate in water play at school on Fridays and absolutely has the best time!

She is beyond thrilled when I force her to pose for pictures before we even walk out the door for work and school in the mornings. 
She should know by now that is just part of life for her.
Regardless, she refused to look at the camera...she's rotten.

Chris and I did have a few free hours last weekend, so we removed all of the sand from Addie's sandbox, moved the sandbox out to the other part of the deck and are now calling it a pool
Addie didn't seem to notice that the water was literally freezing cold!
She had a really fun time...I can only imagine the fun she'll have when we take her back to the big pool.
In the mean time, she is being a big helper with filling the baby pool and keeping the deck clean.