Saturday, June 11, 2011

What Did The Fish Say When He Hit A Concrete Wall?



Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but Chunk's balance issues can be the cause of a lot of grief.
We are so incredibly thankful for her mobility, despite now owning stock in 3M's Nexcare line of band aids (made in the U.S.A. and latex free, what more could anyone ask for?).
Chunky Monkey falls - all the time.
All the time.
Water play started last week at school and I ended up receiving a telephone call due to the number of times Chunk fell. 
Her teachers are accustomed to her falling, but add in a wet, slippery surface and we are guaranteed to end the day with two bloody knees.
That telephone call prompted my new find and apparently, a permanent part of our lives.
This is the Lil Melon knee pads and so far, have been absolutely wonderful!
The knee pads are incredibly well made and just as cute as can be!
To top off the awesomeness, they are also vented in the back - a helpful extra touch in the 3000 degree Alabama heat and I got them within just a couple of days!
If you are in the market for knee pads, I would absolutely recommend these.
Now that I know how beneficial they truly are, I have to order more.
Chunky Monkey insisted that I take the picture of the band aid and refused to let me take a decent picture of the knee pads.
She's a mess!


jennohara said...

Her poor little knees. :(
How cute are those pads tho!